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Exposing Deutsche Bank's silver and gold rigging and the judicial corruption that nearly allowed them to get away with it

Russian money laundering in the UK Court of Appeal led to the corruption of two coroner's inquests. That of Gareth Williams and that of William Broeksmit

Note: quotations in this document may be satirical, but do not misrepresent the conduct of the people to whom they are attributed
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19 Oct 2020Danske-Estonia and The Corrupt Inquests of Suicided Bankers
23 Sept 2020Deutsche Bank's laundering to the Russian Mafia used Jeffrey Epstein's blackmail ring, to secure legal immunity by corrupting the police and courts. The oligarchs on the recieving end, Oleg Deripaska and Michael Cherney, used the Court of Appeal to launder the money to Israel.

But it does not stop at mere fraud: LCJ Sir Ian Burnett is incriminated in a conspiracy to murder.

Three dead Deutsche Bankers and the trail leads to Anshu Jain. Jain was the man to whom Burnett gave effective legal immunity, preventing due scrutiny in those deaths, all of the victims knew of Jain's orchestration of Libor rigging. Deutsche Bank's lawyers corrupted the coroner's inquest in London to protect Jain. Think I'm exaggering? Check out the Esther Salas lawsuit, Jain is not named as a co-defendant, yet he was CEO of Deutsche Bank in 2013, when the money laundering to Epstein began and when the whistleblowers exposed that Putin was running the Danske/Estonia operation.

April 15 2017FOIA to European Banking Authority exposing collusion of German regulator BaFin with gold rigging fraud...
Elke Konig incriminated, former boss of BaFin. Konig was informed by me on 27th July 2015 that Deutsche Bank's audits were fake. On 27 July 2015 at 14:30 Ana Cristina Baptista wrote back to say she had passed Konig my letter.

Konig stonewalled

Felix Hufeld incriminated, former boss of BaFin.

Cancelled two year long gold audit against Deutsche Bank 48 hours after Anshu Jain - CEO of Deutsche Bank - was served a gold rigging lawsuit. After Deutsche Bank settled for systematic suppression of prices in 2017, he made no attempt to redress BaFin's failings.

How much were you paid Herr Hufeld? I think we'd all like to see your telephone records for that period.

In January of 2021 he was forced to resign, as he allowed Deutsche Bank to get away with its part in the Wirecard fraud.

April 15 2017   FOIA to Attorney General, Jeremy Wright MP
Attorney General, Jeremy Wright MP incriminated. Wright is responsible for the functioning of the Serious Fraud Office (the SFO). The SFO now bounces my emails, ever since I reported their head, David Green QC, for covering up Deutsche Bank's fake audits. The stonewalling of the FOIA above tells us Wright was instrumental in blocking SFO investigation #9559 against Deutsche Bank for systematic destruction of bullion trading receipts. Meanwhile the government gives us a scare story of Bitcoin and money laundering.
5 May 2017FOIA to European Banking Authority not answered in time, and never answered. European Banking authority violates FOIA laws to thus cover up frauds of European banking system against the peoples of Europe and the UK
17 May 2017
FOIA to Ministry of Justice

The Lord Chancellor, Elizabeth Truss, was asked under FOIA rules whether she had granted immunity to Baron Thomas, the Lord Chief Justice, for violations of the Data Protection Act, when he refused to admit or deny a transcript of my hearing existed.

Truss refused to answer the FOIA request, in volation of Law. Not exactly a good precedent to set as Lord Chancellor eh?

24 Jul 2017
Jes Staley, former CEO of Barclays, asked to settle for gold rigging out of court

Even though Deutsche Bank have apparently incriminated Barclays, as part of their New York disclosures, Staley is still in denial. The man wrote back to threaten me with a restraining order and fat costs.

It turns out Staley was put into position by lobbying from Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted paedophile pimp and child trafficker.

A FOIA response from Parliament proves Parliament lied to the Daily Mail to cover that fact up. In January of 2022 he was forced to resign as the FCA admitted he had a close friendship with Epstein. They had the dirt in 2015, but did nothing. Only when the dirt became public did they act.

28 Sep 2017
I write to the courts and ask for summary jugement. Deutsche Bank refuse to defend themselves. Judge David Stewart Worster (top), of the Birmingham Mercantile Court, orders Deutsche Bank to file a witness statement. Deutsche Bank were denying in Birmingham what they confessed to in New York.

Judge Martin McKenna(bottom), of the same court, strikes out Worster's order, but gives me the right to vary his order.

Upon petition, Worster grants me a hearing to vary McKenna's order to force Deutsche Bank to file a witness statement. All legal documents I sent to the court are to that effect. Worster refuses to admit that Deutsche Bank have not filed a witness statement, and stonewalls when I question him why he ordered them to file a witness statement. Deutsche Bank allowed to get away with showing no receipts against allegations that it had destroyed them. Deutsche Bank still insist their gold audits are onging, even after dozens of tapes were released in New York incriminating them. Deutsche Bank get away with no disclosures and refusal to file witness statements. I get another restraining order. All counsel and law firms in this lawsuit have to know that Deutsche Bank, HSBC, UBS, RBS, Barclays, JP Morgan and Citigroup conspired to bribe and corrupt judges to escape liability for gold rigging and money laundering. There is every reaason to believe Jes Staley used his paedophile connections to pervert the judiciary.

Oct 2017 Worster refuses to give a recording of the hearing. In that hearing he allowed Anshu Jain's counsel to collect damages from me for redistribution to Sir Ian Burnett and co. Damages contested on the base that the court had no jurisidiction cannot grant damages to judges which is tantamount to paying for a verdict - bribery.
Linklaters write to me to tell me they are no longer chasing damages or costs
Paul Kernaghan, head of Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman (JACO), incriminated from multiple independent sources for covering up paedophile rings. Kernaghan is named in the RAINS list for participation in Satanic Abuse. Executive of the judiciary had to know Kernaghan was too seriously compromised to do an honest job. Baron Thomas and Sir Ian Burnett were in a position to blackmail him. This explains why Judge Worster challenged me to appeal his hearing.
Late 2017 Many people named by me can no longer sue for libel, the statute of limitations has been reached. If any of them had a defence, why didn't they sue?


2003Deutsche Bank begin laundering money for Russian Mafia oligarch Oleg Deripaska
This continues until 2017, totalling $11 billion and flagged on 65 occasions for AML violations.
2008Deutsche Bank underwrite Danske-Estonia's money laundering operation for Putin and the Russian Mafia.
The sum total is $1.3 trillion, exposed in FinCen documents. It ends in 2018
Apr 2008Banks accused of interest rate manipulation
"That's an interesting conspiracy theory but that doesn't happen" - David Nicholls of Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank trader Tom Hayes is pictured - now serving time for Libor manipulation
May 2011
'Conspiracy theorists' blame fall of silver price on precious metal price manipulation
3 Oct 2012Oleg Deripaska pays off Michael Cherney $100 million in the Court of Appeal. Baron Thomas was President of the Queen's Bench at the time.
Since Deutsche Bank had laundered $11 billion to Deripaska, then the settlement money was itself the proceeds of crime
12 Dec 2013BaFin announces investigation into Deutsche Bank for gold manipulation
Deutsche Bank resigns its seat from the London Bullion Market Association
Deutsche Bank threatened with a Frankfurt lawsuit
  • Deutsche Bank replies that it will investigate the claims in the threat
  • Deutsche Bank announces an internal gold manipulation audit
  • Deutsche Bank replies that it has investigated the claim in the threat and found the claim baseless
  • Deutsche Bank still telling the world it is investigating itelf
  • A lawsuit is undertaken in Frankfurt which exposes the duplicity of its audits and is served on Juergen Fitschen CEO of Deutsche Bank
  • Fitschen accused of fraud and perjury in the Koch lawsuit by Munich prosecutors.
  • Fitschen refuses to attend the hearing in Frankfurt. His written defence denies market manipulation. His defence never mentions the audits.
12 Nov 2014Swiss regulator and US DoJ begin investigations into Deutsche Bank for precious metal price manipulation.
25 Jan 2015A lawsuit B40BM021 is started in the Midlands (UK) that also refers to Deutsche Bank's duplicitous audits
--- Defandants are all members of the Libor Manipulation Cartel..
23 Apr 2015Libor manipulation cartel pay token fines to the FCA
Jun 2015
The Libor Manipulation Cartel applies to have Birmingham lawsuit struck-out - on the basis it is vexatious and a conspiracy theory
--- Repondent to the application writes to the court to demand to cross-examine Jain who had applied for the hearing
  • Court stonewalls the demand.
  • Deutsche Bank issue a bare denial, submit no evidence and neither admits or denies Over-The-Counter trading with the respondent
16 Jul 2015July Hearing, under Simon Brown QC - Libor Manipulation Cartel try to have claim struck-out
"It is vexatious to demand to cross-examine the applicant of the oral hearing" - Judge Simon Brown
  • Lawsuit is struck out on the basis that it is vexatious and without merit
  • Restraining order issued against claimant on the grounds it is vexatious to demand to cross-examine the applicant of an oral hearing.
  • Reference to DFSA, BaFin and FCA reports for market manipulation against defendants is also deemed vexatious.
  • Appeal filed against the hearing accusing the judge, Simon Brown QC, for some twenty instances of misconduct.
  • Judicial Complaint filed against the judge for bias on multiple counts.
28 Sep 2015UBS confesses to precious metal price manipulation conspiracy
--- Confession to the Department of Justice in return for immunity for blowing the whistle on the other cartel members
21 Oct 2015October Hearing, under Lord Charles Handdon Cave - Claimant tried to have July strike-out set-aside on the grounds that UBS lied to the court
"" - Lord Charles Haddon-Cave (on explaining why he refused to be recused)
"" - Lord Charles Haddon-Cave (on explaining why UBS's counsel is allowed to argue without having provided a witness statement)
  • Claimant demands that UBS disclose contents of confession to aid the Court of Appeal make correct verdict
  • In the July heaing UBS paradoxically denied being served the lawsuit, while also admitting it knew what was in the claim
  • No counsel, including that of UBS, turn up to court with a witness statement - thus UBS does not deny perjury
  • Judge Haddon-Cave gives permission to claimant to open the hearing with a preliminary paragraph
  • Claimant objects to defendants failure to submit witness statements in their defence
  • Judge Haddon-Cave keeps interrupting claimant with argument that the court lacks jurisdiction to make a decisiou
  • Claimant repeatedly demands recusal of judge for allowing counsel to argue without their clients having first submitted a pleading
  • Judge repeatedly refused to be recused, without explanation. Allows defence to argue - without explanation
  • Judge refuses to force UBS to confess, paradoxically asserting that the confession was already part of the July hearing which pre-dated the time of the confession.
  • Appeal filed against Haddon-Cave's ruling, and Judicial Complaint filed against the judge for bias on multiple counts.
  • Haddon-Cave was notified of the possibility that defendants had destroyed receipts to hide money laundering
Complaints office, the JCIO, refuse to study transcript of the July hearing, and on the basis of the what is 'imagined' in the complaint and dimiss it
--- Complaint is issued against the complaints office for misfeasance
------Three months go by and complaints office finds in favour of itself and still refuse to study the transcript of July hearing
Claimant writes to Court of Appeal, asks for transcript of the July hearing.
18 Feb 2016--- Lord Burnett of the Court of Appeal dismisses the allegations of judicial misconduct, without having a copy of the transcript
"Allegations of silver price manipulation against Deutsche Bank are completely without merit" - Lord Burnett of the Court of Appeal
Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas is notified that Lord Burnett has unlawfully closed an appeal without a transcript having been first filed into the appeal bundle.
--- Reponds that he looked into the matter, but does not comment on the transcript. Advises claimant to use complaints procedure
16 Mar 2016Deutsche Bank's rendered unprofitable due to liabilities arising from Libor and FX manipulation
13 Apr 2016Deutsche Bank confess to having conspired to commit precious metal price manipulation in a New York lawsuit
--- Tried to have the New York claim struck-out as a vexatious 'nuisance' lawsuit.
--- As part of its settlement Deutsche Bank promissed to expose the other defendants in the manipulation cartel
Court of Appeal notified that Deutsche Bank confesses to the matters it denied in the July and October hearings
Deutsche Bank issued with Notice to Admit Facts to admit or deny that it had perverted the court's verdict
--- Deutsche Bank refuse to answer the notice
Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas is notified that Deutsche Bank have perjured themselves and refuse to deny perjury. He refuses to act.
1 May 2016Financial Times reveals confidential FCA documents that allege Deutsche Bank laundered money to terrorist groups and destroyed the evidence
--- Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas is notified that Deutsche Bank were accused of money laundering in the July and October hearings
"'Money laundering' you say? - You need to consult a lawyer" - Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas (apparently doesn't know what the Law is)
--- He still stonewalls demands for a copy of the transcript to the July hearing
24 Jun 2016Reuters revealed that BaFin fined Deutsche Bank for money laundering. This was not disclosed to the press by BaFin themselves
Paul Kernaghan, head of the Judicial Complaints and Appointments Ombudsman (JACO), ignores all evidence and refuses to study the transcript.
"We don't need to know what the judge said to know what the judge said." - Paul Kernaghan, 'House of Lords' Commissioner for Standards'
Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas and Paul Kernaghan publicly accused of corruption - neither deny the allegation.
A Freedom of Information Act 2000 request is submitted to the Information Commission Office (ICO) demanding a copy of the transcript
--- ICO stonewalls - though does appear to have notified the courts of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 request.
30 Jun 2016After Brexit, key politicians involved with the campaign, including the Lord Chancellor Michael Grove, were issued with a demand for the transcript
--- Lord Chancellor Michael Grove was notified of judicial misconduct through the Ministry of Justice email address for him on the Parliamentary website.
6 Jul 2016It has become apparent that the transcript to the July hearing was never commissioned. Only the transcript of the judgement was ever made.
--- Neither Lord Burnett nor Judge Haddon-Cave were in a position to judge the allegations of misconduct, and therefore are guilty of bias.
--- No staff member of the Court of Appeal ever made this plain. That proves that all parties against which allegations were made covered up the bias.
31 Jul 2016Sir Bernard Hogan Howe informed that the cover-up of Deutsche Bank's money laundering hinders the fight against terrorism
10 Aug 2016Judge McKenna of the Birmingham High Court issued with application notice to overturn the CRO, on advice from High Court officials
19 Aug 2016Complaint sent to Elizabeth Truss, the Lord Chancellor, that McKenna makes stupid excuses to avoid handling the application
23 Aug 2016New Yorker magazine publishes article accusing Deutsche Bank of laundering $10 billion from Russia to London.
- the timestamp on the website is the 29 Aug 2016 - but it was actually released a week earlier.
25 Aug 2016Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice and Paul Kernaghan of JACO informed that New Yorker corroborates the accusations that the court concealed money laundering fraud
6 Sep 2016Lord Neuberger of the Supreme Court notified of the events. So far there has been no reply
12 Sep 2016The National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested relative of Bernie Ecclestone in alleged gold bullion money laundering ring.
13 Sep 2016The NCA informed that the Lord Chief Justice conspired to allow Deutsche Bank to get away with money laundering
22 Sep 2016The House of Commons Treasury Committee members and the Attorney General (Jeremy Wright MP) were informed that the FCA and the SFO covered up Deutsche Bank's fake audit
22 Sep 2016... and so misled Parliament
26 Sep 2016The House of Commons Treasury Committee members informed that Deutsche Bank has corrupted the legal system
13 Oct 2016ICO confirms Lord Ian Burnett never had a transcript of hearing when he judged over twenty allegations of misconduct
...Parliament and the Supreme Court notified of the ICO's response
...Lord Chief Justice to judge whether we stay in Europe. Gina Miller - the plaintiff- exposed as proxy for Deutsche Bank.
18 July 2017I resurrected the lawsuit, as evidence came out in 2016-2017 that DB was rigging precious metal markets. Judge HHJ David James Stewart Worster rules that defendants must file a witness statement in their defence
9 Aug 2017Judge Martin McKenna strikes out Worster's court order, but I get the opportunity for an oral hearing to appeal it.
28 Sep 2017Worster strikes out my court application, defending McKenna's decision to anull his own court order. In the evidence bundle was proof that Jes Staley blackmailed Parliament with material provided to him from Jeffrey Epstein
11 Oct 2017I challenged Worster on bonus damages he awarded to Anshu Jain, which was for the allegations I made against judges. This constituted bribery. I requested a recording of hearing
24 Oct 2017Deutsche Bank, through Linklaters, write to me to tell me they are dropping all costs.
25 Oct 2017The courts write to me to tell me they refuse to give me a recording of hearing.
31 Dec 2017Some time in 2017 Deutsche Bank stopped laundering money for Oleg Deripaska
31 Dec 2017Linklaters ran the IPO for Oleg Deripaska's EN+, along with Citigroup and JP Morgan
26 Sep 2019John Leo Farry, General Counsel of Deutsche Bank, husband of Brooke Alison Masters (of the Financial Times), signs off an application for a restraining order against me.
14 Oct 2019Worster signs off yet another court order against me. By this time, the press identified that Anshu Jain, first defendant, has laundered money for Jeffrey Epstein.
20 Sep 2020FinCEN documents show Deutsche Bank under Josef Ackerman, Anshu Jain, Juergen Fitschen, and John Cryan laundered $1.3 trillion to the Russian Mafia, making a mockery of their audits and auditors
29 Sep 2020JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank fined for running a criminal enterprise in the precious metal markets.
11 Oct 2021With the restraining order expired I applied to the court for remedy. Since DB and JP Morgan's bare denials were a lie, they committed perjury.
Futhermore, their Russian money laundering together with their money laundering for the Epstein ring led to corruption of the coroner inquests for Gareth Williams and William Broeksmit.
4 Feb 2022HHJ Worster signs off another restraining order against me. No defendants filed any documents asking for it, or denying the allegations.
7 Feb 2022I file an application for an oral hearing against Worster's order, which no defendant asked for (but very much needed). It was granted for the 6th April
3 Apr 2022Through March I see no defendant filed a witness statement, skeleton argument nor an evidence bundle. I write to the court asking what the points of controversy were
4 Apr 2022My mother had a fall on the morning, and I needed to look after her, so I wrote to the court asking for a telephone hearing, which is the default since the Covid crisis his the courts
5 Apr 2022I phone the court asking about my court case. The court official told me Worster was handling the appeal to his own decision, and that he had read everything, but had responded to nothing
6 Apr 2022I do not get a phone call from the court, and they still refuse to answer my emails, which contain my phone number
9 Apr 2022Worster sends me a court order - no defendant attended, and I am held responsibler for non-attendance, another restraining order